To deal with drones, there are some devices or systems called “artifacts”. They can effectively interfere, capture, or shoot down drones. Here is a detailed introduction to these “artifacts”:

Drone countermeasure gun:

Principle: Using electromagnetic interference to force the drone back to the takeoff point in a short period of time will not have any impact on the drone’s reuse.
Example: The Los Angeles Police Department uses a drone countermeasure gun, which can cause the drone to lose control and hover, make an emergency landing, and return.
Advantages: Easy to operate and will not cause physical damage to the drone.

Electromagnetic interference device:

Principle: By emitting high-frequency electromagnetic waves, the control signal of the drone is invalidated, thereby forcing the drone to lose control, land or crash.
Advantages: Widely applicable and easy to operate.
Caution: Not suitable for use in highly sensitive situations.

Laser jammer:

Principle: Using a high-intensity laser beam to aim and destroy drones, by adjusting the intensity and frequency of the beam, the optical sensors of the drone are rendered ineffective or components are burned.
Advantages: High precision and simple operation.
Attention: Strict requirements are placed on the distance and environment of drones, and their use must comply with relevant regulations and standards.

GPS jammer:

Principle: Using radio signals to interfere with drones, rendering their navigation systems ineffective and unable to accurately locate them.
Advantages: It can affect the navigation and positioning functions of drones.
Attention: It has an impact on the surrounding environment. When using it, attention should be paid to legality and the impact on other people’s equipment.

Civil UAV countermeasures system:

Principle: Control of drones is achieved through electromagnetic suppression, capture, tracking, and other methods.
Advantages: Comprehensive functionality, including electromagnetic suppression, capture, and tracking.

These “artifacts” play an important role in protecting public safety and preventing illegal drone intrusions. However, it should be noted that relevant laws and regulations must be followed when using these devices. Avoid causing impact and injury to other equipment and personnel.