The backpack type drone jammer is a portable and efficient electronic defense device. Mainly used to interfere with the communication signals of drones, in order to prevent their flight or force them to land. The following is a detailed explanation of the backpack type drone jammer:
1、 Working principle
The backpack type drone jammer adopts high-frequency interference technology, which interferes with the drone’s communication signal by transmitting high-frequency signals, causing it to lose control or force it to return. This type of device typically has multiple frequency bands and can interfere with most common drone models. In terms of interfering with drone signals, it can emit continuous high-frequency signals to interfere with the communication frequency of the drone, making it unable to receive command signals from the ground console and thus unable to fly normally. At the same time, the device can also interfere with the transmission signal of the drone by emitting interference signals, making it unable to transmit images or videos normally.
2、 Characteristics
Adopting integrated modular design, it can be operated by individual soldiers for portability, making it easy to carry and deploy.
Multi band coverage:
The device has multiple frequency bands and can cover the communication frequencies of different drone models. Realize a wide range of interference effects.
Intelligent recognition function:
Some advanced backpack style drone jammers have intelligent recognition functions, which can automatically identify the model, type, and quantity of drones, and adopt different interference strategies for different types of drones to ensure the maximization of interference effects.
Remote control function:
Some devices support remote operation through devices such as smartphones or tablets, achieving unmanned operation.
3、 Application scenarios
Widely used in government agencies, military units, corporate institutions, schools, hospitals and other places for information security protection. Used to protect personal privacy, prevent eavesdropping and filming, and meet diverse needs. Specifically, it can be applied in the following fields:
Counter terrorism and stability maintenance actions:
In anti-terrorism and stability maintenance operations, backpack type drone jammers can help the police quickly locate and prevent drone attacks by terrorists, providing important support for anti-terrorism operations.
Air traffic control area:
In air traffic control areas, backpack type drone jammers can prevent collisions between drones and aircraft, ensuring aviation safety.
Wildlife protection:
In the field of wildlife conservation, it is possible to prevent illegal hunters from using drones for reconnaissance and hunting.
Film and television shooting:
In film and television shooting, backpack style drone jammers can prevent drones from interfering with the shooting process. Ensure smooth filming.
4、 Advantages
The backpack type drone jammer adopts advanced signal jamming technology. It has advantages such as high efficiency, portability, multi band coverage, intelligent recognition function, and remote control function. Capable of effectively interfering and controlling drones in various scenarios.