Mobile signal jammer (also known as mobile signal blocker) is mainly used to block the reception and transmission of mobile signals in specific scenarios. The following are the main scenarios for which it is applicable:

Examination venue and school:
Exam venue:
During exams, in order to ensure fairness and prevent cheating, mobile signal jammers are widely used, which can effectively block mobile signals and prevent students from cheating through their phones.
In schools, in order to maintain teaching order and the learning environment for students, mobile signal jammers can be installed in areas such as classrooms or dormitory buildings at different times to help students reduce mobile phone interference and focus more on learning.

Confidentiality requirements:
Military bases, government agencies, and other places that require confidentiality: Mobile signal jammer can prevent the use of mobile signals for eavesdropping, monitoring, and other activities, ensuring the security of confidential information.

Meeting venue:
In business meetings, court trials, and other occasions, in order to prevent interference and information leakage caused by mobile phone ringtones, mobile signal jammers are widely used to ensure meeting order and information security.

Prison management:
Prisons and detention centers: In order to curb the use of mobile phones by prisoners for illegal and criminal activities, mobile phone signal jammers are often used to restrict communication inside and outside the prison.

Other locations:
Gas station:
Due to the presence of flammable and explosive materials in gas stations, using mobile phones may pose a safety hazard. Therefore, mobile signal jammers are also suitable for such places.
In some medical environments that require quietness. Mobile signal jammers can help reduce the interference of noise such as phone ringtones.
Public places such as conference centers and airports:
To ensure the smooth progress of the event and the confidentiality of information. Mobile signal jammers also have certain applications in these places.

When using mobile phone signal jammers, it is necessary to strictly comply with relevant national laws and regulations. Ensure that it does not affect emergency communication and avoid causing harm to normal communication with others. Meanwhile, for ordinary users, they should view mobile signal jammers rationally. Avoid using it for illegal purposes, maintain communication order and personal communication security.